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Answers to All Your Inquiries

Who coaches the Showcase and how are plays called?

Nextlevelz hires all certified coaches including many local high school coaches to coach the event.  Coaches will call offensive plays off a play sheet for the players to see before running each play.  Coaches will also use different defensive schemes to call out the defense.

What is provided at the Showcase?

We provide Battle Soft Shell Helmets and Battle sleeveless compression jerseys.  Helmets and jerseys must be worn during the whole event and then returned after the event concludes.  Each athlete must bring black shorts, a mouth guard, and cleats.  We will also have a water station at the event.  Included in the Showcases is hudl film of each field as well as professional photos at the event.


How are the teams created?

We spend time creating a balanced roster based on film and prior playing history (if applicable).


How many kids on a team?

There is a minimum of 7 athletes on a team with one QB per roster.


How are the QB's selected?

QB's have a different registration progress then other positions.  Since the experience of the other players on the team is more dependent on the QB position the registration process is slightly more extensive.  QB's must provide game or 7on7 film.  If they don't have film, they must meet with me for a 1-on-1 evaluation for 15 minutes. 

What about cancellations?

Weather is the only reason we would cancel an event.  If we cancel due to weather any funds collected will be refunded.  If a player cancels for any other reason there will be no refunds.


How many games are played?

There is a 4-game minimum per Showcase.  Depending on the pace of play and elimination games there could be more.

How long is the Showcase season?

We run from December 1st to August 1st.  We have one Showcase a month. All Showcases and events are all announced on the website.

Are there practices or tryouts?

There are no Showcase practices or tryouts.  Once registered you will receive a confirmation email within a few days of the event confirming your attendance.  


Is there a gate fee for non-players?

There is no charge for spectators.


Is there a requirement for playing time and targets within the Showcase?

We do not monitor targets or playing time.  We do our best to evenly rotate and encourage the QB's to evenly distribute the ball, however, we will not be strickly monitoring this.  QB's are thoroughly evaluated before being selected for the Showcase.  We also begin each Showcase with routes on air to give every athlete the opportunity to catch a number of passes.


What are the grade levels for the Showcase?

We focus on athletes who are in 5th through 12th grade.


How do I order Nextlevelz merchandise?

Nextlevelz will have a team store open a few times a year.  The store link will be provided on the website and through all other social media outlets.

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